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Supes and Dee

Superman floats 30,000 feet above the ground, listening to the voices of humanity.
 “…taking the dog for a walk…”
“I don’t know, honey, I guess it was a wrong num…” “…is the greatest threat to American…” “…this week on the countdown…”
His hearing is thousands of times better than a human’s, but he still has trouble distinguishing the various voices. He wants to help these people, wants to make their lives safer--better--but there’s so many of them. When Superman first arrived at his adopted home, there were 2 billion Earthlings. Now there are more than twice that many in Asia alone. How can he hear who... “Superman, HELP!”
And the Man of Steel is off. Even within the thunderous noise of humanity’s collective voice, a simple “help” is easily understood. Jetting through the clouds, he stops every few seconds to pinpoint the troubled voice’s source. “Help! Help! Superman!” It’s a woman, and American, judging by the accent. The drawn-out “help” (it sounds like “heyl-puh”) narrows i…