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Top 10 Music of 2012

I know I said movies would be next, but I figured since I can't fnish that till this weekend anyway, I'd go ahead and do this one.

So this list is going to be a little different. Since college, I've tended to be a bit...behind when it comes to music. Therefore, a couple of my favorite songs from 2012 were actually released in 2011. To be fair, they came out at the end of 2011, so, come on. Just let me have this. I'm not friggin Pitchfork or anything.

Okay, so I told you this list was going to be weird. Besides some of the music technically being from 2011, I'm often not even listing full albums. Some will be soundtracks, some are just songs. What can I say? It's a brave new world of music acquisition. If it's a full album, I'll put a little * next to the name.

10) *Bhiman, Bhi Bhiman
Saw this guy before a Rosie Thomas show. I had no idea what I was listening to, but I knew I liked it. I... can't explain. Just watch the video…

Top 10 Games of 2012

So I've decided I want to list my favorite things from this year. Games, movies, and music. (Maybe books if I don't burn out.) Now, these may not be the best things ever to happen in their respective mediums, but they're all going to be something that entertained me, made me think, or really stood out among the crowded field of entertainment options we're increasingly exposed to. Anyway, it's fun to think back on the previous year, right? Alright, I'm starting things off with:

Remember, these aren't necessarily the best games of the year. I don't play 'em all or anything. These were just my personal favorite.

10) Dust: An Elysian Tale This game kinda came out of nowhere for me. It was apparently made almost entirely by one dude, but it doesn't show. It's a deep, fun, Metroidvania-style game with really impressive animation. Look past the furry fan art, and play the thing.

9) Spec-Ops: The Line I'm pretty sick of &…