Top 10 Music of 2012

I know I said movies would be next, but I figured since I can't fnish that till this weekend anyway, I'd go ahead and do this one.

So this list is going to be a little different. Since college, I've tended to be a bit...behind when it comes to music. Therefore, a couple of my favorite songs from 2012 were actually released in 2011. To be fair, they came out at the end of 2011, so, come on. Just let me have this. I'm not friggin Pitchfork or anything.

Okay, so I told you this list was going to be weird. Besides some of the music technically being from 2011, I'm often not even listing full albums. Some will be soundtracks, some are just songs. What can I say? It's a brave new world of music acquisition. If it's a full album, I'll put a little * next to the name.

10) *Bhiman, Bhi Bhiman
Saw this guy before a Rosie Thomas show. I had no idea what I was listening to, but I knew I liked it. I... can't explain. Just watch the video.

9) Ho Hey, The Lumineers
Like much of the strange folksy music that has become popular recently, my wife was hip to this track way before it hit the VH1 countdown.

8)   Outro, M83
I first heard this track in the extended trailer for Cloud Atlas. It's got whatever magic Sigur Ros also excels at, wherein any video that is placed with it immediately takes on huge, mythic qualities.

7) *Beasts of the Southern Wild (Music from the Motion Picture)
One of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. It fits the earthy/dirty/epic tone of the movie so brilliantly, and it turns out it was co-written by the film's director!

6)  *Fez, Disasterpeace
THE greatest chiptune soundtrack of the decade. It's a masterpiece of 8-bit glory, alternating between out-of-control glitch-fusion and pastoral electronica. If the computerized universe of Fez had a Beethoven, he would sound a lot like Disasterpeace.

Good grief... is that all I can come up with? I guess I'm older and lamer than I thought! NPR, podcasts, and 10-year-old songs on Spotify have apparently replaced any need for new music in my life. Or maybe it's just that music means less to me now than it did when I was younger. I hear a song on the radio, and it's obviously watered-down corporate pop, but I'm finding it harder and harder to get worked up over that. Oh! For example, let's go ahead and put these at the 10 and 9 spots:

10) Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen
So, yeah. Who wants to argue that this isn't a pleasing, well-crafted song? I mean, it isn't A Day in the Life or anything, but dang is it fun. And if it's good enough for ?uestlove, it's good enough for me.

9) We Are Never (Getting Back Together), Taylor Swift
I'll be honest with you, I kinda like Taylor Swift. I don't know why, she just seems kinda sweet and genuine. Her songs are all kind of about the exact same thing, but oh well. They tend to be catchy as heck, and the lyrics are generally pretty well-written.

Okay, so those are in there now. And, oh! I'm gonna put Fez and Beasts of the Southern Wild at the 1 and 2 spots, cause I liked them best, and I'll assume there were some other alright songs I payed attention to for like 5 minutes this year.

Okay, so our revised list looks like this:
10) Call Me Maybe
9) We Are Never (Getting Back Together)
8) Bhiman
7) Ho Hey
6) Outro
2) Beasts of the Southern Wild
1) Fez

So there it is--
7 Examples of Music I Either Really Liked or Just Kinda Got Into for a While in 2012!

So what should I have put in the 5/4/3 spots? What did I miss?


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